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Employee Benefit Consultants

Spend time on your business, and leave your employee's group benefit questions to us!

At bClear benefits, we know how time-consuming group benefit administration can be. You don't have to jump through hoops to get your questions answered nor go through a difficult sign up process. There is a better way and it's with bClear benefits.

bClear benefit's consultants have many years of experience handling group insurance in Canada. They will walk your team members through sign up, claiming and special situations, freeing up your time so you can win more business instead of fielding benefits-related questions from employees.

Choosing the Right Benefit Plan for You

No matter if you own a small business working solo or a medium or large business, we have the perfect group benefit solution for you. You can even customize your own group insurance plan. 

bClear benefits even has the perfect solution for seasonal, contracted or casual employees called the Hour Bank

All you have to do is speak with us and we can find you the most suitable plan for you and your employees. 

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What People are saying:
They make it so easy... Not only do we get competitive pricing, we receive unbelievable customer service... this level of support is irreplaceable!
Sandra McGregor
Benefits Administrator,
Berwick Retirement Communities

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Plans for Professionals:

If you're an Engineer, Architect or other professional supporting the construction industry, we've built an employee benefits plan for you with or without a business partner.

Online access:

Have you registered for our Electronic Administration System (EAS) and for Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP).
To sign-up for EAS, please fill out and email/fax/mail the EAS online access form to our office. For PAP, please fill our the Easy Pay Form and email/fax/mail to our office.  

Critical Illness:

We've got you covered if you're looking for group or individual critical illness insurance.