Health and Wellness
Access articles and resources to help you live well.

There is lots of great information on the Government of Canada Healthy Canadians website for drugs, flu, diseases and conditions, etc.

Want to learn about good eating habits, physical fitness, trying to quit smoking then this is a great place to start -  BC Healthy Living

Employers looking for tools to create an active and healthy workplace can find them at Wellness Fits.

The best of - is a great resource for all kinds of things.

Great resources from the BC provincial governement website.

If you need help getting started to get active, eat healthy or pregnancy tips, find the information on the Healthy Families BC website.

Need to look up a medication or a medical lab test, plus lots of other great information, go to Health link BC.

If your looking for information on natural health and alternatives, try the alive website.

Check out a symptom, look up a drug or count calories on the everyday health website.

Prevention Magazine always has great articles
and up to the minute health and wellness information.

Find fun calculators, tools and information on webMD.

Lots of current news and topics on Yahoo Health.

For BC Northerners, there is a healthy and active website
just for you,

Copeman Healthcare Centre - our partner for private healthcare with a focus on prevention.