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Get simple, straightforward talk on benefits with bClear and experience the difference.

Call us at 1 855 9bclear (1 855 922 5327) or locally at 604 296 3240. Our local, hands-on benefits experts can help you to identify the best benefits solution for your company, based on the organization, your needs and your budget.

Complete a census form for a quick quote and hassle-free signup for our employee group benefits plan.

You will need to fill out a Census form. Key information includes name,  occupation, date of birth, family status, earnings, etc. OR

Complete an application form for our Atrium product for 1 or 2 professionals:

  • Atrium, our 'out of box' solution for professional sole proprietorships and  partnerships. Click here, complete, and scan/email back to us  (quote@bclearbenefits.ca or fax 604 299 2982).

Let us do the rest of the paperwork so you can go back to winning at your business. 
  • We'll do the legwork of getting the pricing together, coordinating with your benefits administrator to get the application completed, and then communicating with your employees through our 'jargon-free' welcome kit and ongoing communications.

Want to experience our exceptional service?

Call us and we'll walk you through every step. We are conscious of your time, so it will be a worry-free, efficient process of developing a solution that fits your business needs.

  • We will deliver a clear and simple 'Administration Kit' containing all the information you need.
  • We will mail out 'jargon free' Welcome Kits to you.
  • We are in it for the long haul; count on us as an extension of your business.

Our Process:

  • Tell us what you are looking for, or let us guide you to the right solution for your business.
  • Provide us with your employee information. 
  • We will get you a quote.
  • Enroll your company and each of your employees (we can help to do this).
  • We will send your administration kit.
  • Employers have online access using their login ID and password to view their benefits online.

Your local, hands-on client service team is available every step of the way just call!