Employee Benefits for Contracted, Seasonal & Casual Employees

Hour Bank

A perfect employee benefit solution if you have contracted or casual employees. Hour Bank can be the solution for your employees who typically do not meet the requirements of most benefit plans.

How it works:

An eligible employee starts working and each hour they work, adds an hour into their hour bank account. When they bank 300 hours, they start receiving benefits. Each month of benefits 'costs' them 150 hours. This credit/debit of hours worked in their 'Hour Bank' gives them the stability of benefits for themselves and/or their families. As long as there is a 150 hour balance in their 'Hour Bank account', employees can remain fully covered. 


Protect your hourly employees for as little as $1.12 per hour. We offer both an Hour Bank and an Hour Bank Plus plan.

Hour Bank

The Standard Hour Bank includes the following coverage options:

  • Extended Health Care with Vision
  • Dental Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Medical Travel Benefit
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program

Hour Bank Plus

The Premium Hour Bank Plus plan includes all of the Hour Bank plan benefit options, plus:

  • Enhanced Vision Coverage
  • Enhanced orthodontics 
  • Dependent life insurance
  • Long term disability

The fine print:

  • The maximum hours that can be banked for any employee is 750 hours.
  • If an account falls below 150 hours, that employee is given the option of paying the premiums for up to 6 months (not including Long Term Disability (LTD)).
  • LTD ends at the age of 65; Extended Health Care and Dental Care both end at age 85; and all other benefits end at either age 70 or retirement.