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Changes to Extended Healthcare Lifetime Maximums

Good news! Effective July 1, 2015 the limit for eligible expenses will increase for our extended health plans.

Prior to this change, bClear benefits' overall plan lifetimemaximum for eligible healthcare expenses was a combined $1 million in-and-out of Province/Territory.

Effective July 1, 2015 the following changes apply:

  • in-province/territory expenses: plan lifetime maximum, unlimited
  • out-of-province expenses: plan lifetimemaximum, $3 million per employee/covered dependant

Eligible expenses are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.This change will apply to all plans that currently have a combined $1 million in-and-out of Province maximum and to employees under the age of 85. Please make a note on your Benefit Summary of this change.

If you have questions about this or anything else concerning your benefits, please don't hesitate to call us at 1 855 9bClear, 604 296 3240 or email hr@bclearbenefits.ca.

Late Applicants

A reminder that application forms for employeesneed tobe sent in within 31 days of the employee becoming eligible. Late applicants will be required to provide evidence of good health.

Summer2015 Employee Newsletter

In this newsletter for your employees you will find:

  • Plan changes to Extended Healthcare Lifetime Maximums
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Reasonable and Customary charges
  • Summer activity ideas

Please forward or distribute the 2015Summer newsletter to your team members. We would be happy to print and mail copies to you, just let us know how many you need.

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