bClear benefits Winter 2016 Newsletter

For Administrators

Using an Hour Bank plan to attract and retain your contract and seasonal employees

Providing an Hour Bank plan to employees might give you the flexibility and incentive that you need to work for you and for them. You may hire for certain projects throughout the year or have seasonal employees as can often be the case in construction through the high and low periods of the industry.

The Hour Bank plan can be used for a group of employees that are different from your regular benefits plan allowing you to customize to fit your needs.

If you have questions on the Hour Bank plans available from bClear benefits and whether it might work with your workforce, please contact us at 1 855 922 5327 or email hr@bclearbenefits.ca.

Great West Life on Benefits coverage and termination of employment

Our partner, Great West Life, provides information on terminating active employees from benefits coverage in English and in French.

Green Shield Canada and MEMOTEXT Corp. find new facts about non-adherence to medication for patients with chronic diseases.

A 2014 pilot program for patients with chronic diseases by our partner Green Shield Canada (GSC) and MEMOTEXT Corp. has revealed some new facts about non-adherence to medication. Compiled into "The Importance of Sticking to it” white paper, data from the Stick2It program shows that a personalized digital health intervention can improve adherence for hypertension and high cholesterol patients, providing value to the participant, the health benefits provider, and the plan sponsor. Read the white paper.

Scott Bone has joined our Board of Trustees

bClear benefits is governed by a board of Trustees, a volunteer body of industry leaders. All members of the Trust are active in construction and understand the dynamic, ever-changing challenges and opportunities of the business. Scott Bone, in his new role as Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Regional Construction Association, is the newest Trustee to join our board. Arthur Chung, Interim CEO withbClear benefitssays, "We're delighted to have Scott join us. It is an exciting time with major projects happening in that region of the province and the recent amalgamation of the northern associations. Scott's experience and expertise will be essential in his role as a voice for construction and we look forward to a long relationship with him".

For Employees

 In this edition of the newsletter for your employees we look at:

  • Some things to think about when planning your next trip
  • Benefits with Friends referral program
  • Scott Bone - our newest Trustee