Winter 2018 Newsletter
In this month's employee newsletter:
  • More Workers Feeling Stressed
  • Enter to Win a $50 Cineplex Odeon Gift Card
  • Are Beneficiaries up-to-date?
  • Aging out of Benefits
  • Benefits with Friends referral program

Employee Newsletter

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Mandatory Review

Administrators: Take a few moments to review your invoice and ensure that your company is still meeting insurance requirements with all employees. Here's what to look for.

Helping Employees Sleep and Use Their EAP

You may not immediately see the relationship between an employee who sleeps well and their employer, butthis article offers a different perspective. One of the ways an employee can be encouraged to focus on their sleep is through an EAP program. This article offers tips on getting employees to use their EAP. We also like the Book "The Ripple Effect” by Dr. Greg Wells that provides tips on getting a good night's rest. Might want to leave one laying around the office!

Enhancements to the Electronic Administration System (EAS)!

If you're not accessing EAS, you might be interested in the changes we've added providing you with more flexibility! We've recently added some additional features to our online system, which enables you to view and make changes as an Administrator. With EAS you can now:

  • Add a new employee
  • Re-hire a previously terminated employee (within 6 months)
  • Update an existing employee's information

(a) Division and/or class

(b) Occupation, salary and hours worked

(c) Add, modify or terminate a dependent

(d) Add or modify a beneficiary

  • View the status of your changes

You can still make these updates on EAS as well:

  • Terminate an employee
  • Update an existing employee's name and address
  • View and print your monthly invoices
  • View your benefit summary(ies)

If you've not yet signed up for EAS access or have any questions on how to use new or existing features, please contact us.

Lifestyle Changes are Key to Preventing Diabetes:

This information sheet from Best Doctors gives tips on helping to prevent Type 2 Diabetes, which most commonly develops in adulthood. It is also available in French.

Industry Updates in Benefits:

BC Eliminating MSP premiums for 2020

B.C. government announced it would be eliminating medical service plan premiums as of January 1, 2020, replacing them with a new employer health tax. The new rates will be based on total payroll. Find out more.

Saskatchewan reversing tax

Saskatchewan has just announced that they will reverse the 6% provincial sales tax that was added to insurance back in August 1, 2017 retroactively. Find out more information.

PC Urban in the Community

Find out what one of our Member companies has been doing in the community